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    Handan Haoqiang Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a large-scale enterprise fastener manufacturing, development, sales and service in one of the. The company is located in Handan City, adjacent to Beijing Shenzhen Expressway, Beijing Guangzhou railway and 107 National Road, traffic is very convenient, the geographical position is superior.——detailed...

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    HanDan HaoQiang Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
    Sales address: Handan feiyu screw world 34 row A1
    Contact:Manager Wang
    Tel:0310-6897606 6681118
    Email:[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    CopyRight:HanDan HaoQiang Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd -- Hotline:15175010001 Tel:0310-6897606 6681118 Contact:Manager Wang Technical support:xingtaishi wangshang ruanjian kaifa youxiangongsi

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